The Art of Dalton Cahill



the appearance of being true or real.

    The Artist

    Dalton Cahill is an artist living in Detroit, MI. His work can be seen on Michigan stages, screen, or experienced in an immersive environment. Dalton has a degree in film and television production with a specific background in prop design and art direction. The majority of his own work is inspired by dark and weird fiction. In addition to crafting, Dalton is also a performer who utilizes his unique crafted art in his shows.

    Current News

    Currently, Dalton is featured as the Member of The Month over at the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. A small write up about Dalton and his work can be found over there. Head on over and check out the great work those folks do!


    Dalton Cahill is a Visual Artist, Storyteller, and Performer living in Detroit, Michigan. A large body of his work is inspired dark fiction and feature immersive elements.


    Detail is paramount.. Everything has to be purposeful and enhance the story of the piece. The more character that goes into a piece, the more of a story there is to tell.

    Get in Touch

    Contact Dalton about working with him on your own custom piece or commission.